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What is Holistic Alcohol Rehab?

Holistic alcohol rehab programs are rooted in a philosophy of caring for the whole person: body, mind, heart and spirit. They incorporate elements from both traditional Western approaches such as psychiatry and alternative approaches such as acupuncture and meditation.

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Yoga is a part of many holistic rehab programs.

By addressing the spiritual components of human experience, holistic rehab programs seek to offer deep, long-lasting healing that transforms every aspect of a person’s life. These programs are not limited to any one specific religion, but draw from many sources of inspiration. By offering a range of treatments, holistic alcohol rehab programs can meet the needs of many unique individuals.

Holistic Treatments for Alcohol Addiction Recovery

One of the most popular holistic treatments offered is yoga. This ancient practice works to soothe and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. By building the body’s natural ability to stretch while engaging the mind in calming and clearing breathing exercises, yoga provides people with a strong foundation of wellness.

Another common treatment is mindfulness practice. This is similar to yoga in terms of providing calmness and clarity. However, mindfulness techniques such as meditation are more focused on breaking through mental chatter to an experience of expansive quiet. Such experiences can be very helpful for recovering addicts seeking new ways to deal with difficult emotions.

There are many other types of holistic treatments available. These include: art therapy, Reiki, body work, massage, nature walks, colonics and nutritional counseling.

Benefits of Holistic Alcohol Rehab

Holistic approaches to health and wellness generally pay a lot of attention to context. By examining the root causes of a person’s addiction, such approaches make deep transformation possible. The goal is much greater than simple abstinence from drinking; the goal is to facilitate individuals in becoming the empowered, joyful people they’ve always dreamt of being.

Holistic alcohol rehab programs also provide some more concrete benefits. People can expect more compassionate, engaged care from the staff. Practitioners of alternative spiritual paths will also be able to be more honest about their values, experiences and beliefs than they could be in a Christian or secular setting. The consideration of context and nutritional needs means that even details such as food quality and aesthetically pleasing rooms are likely to be more nourishing in a holistic setting.

How Holistic Alcohol Rehab is Integrated into Traditional Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Holistic programs do still include the central traditional treatments such as psychotherapy, group therapy and medical monitoring. The difference is that such treatments are done from a holistic perspective. For example, a doctor examining an individual will take into account the influence of eating habits on his or her health.

In most holistic alcohol rehab programs, the various healers work together as a team. Nurses, doctors, therapists and alternative practitioners will all communicate about the individual’s progress, goals and needs. Individuals are encouraged to bring together the various parts of their experiences. For example, a person who had an insight while meditating can bring this to his or her next group therapy session.