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About Alcohol Rehab

If you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol then it’s time to seek help. There’s a lot to learn about alcohol rehab and this can leave even the most educated individual in despair, especially if it yourself or somebody you really care about who needs help. What will alcohol rehab cost? How will you know it is effective alcohol rehab? And most importantly, how can you tell if someone actually needs alcohol rehab?

alcohol rehab

Alcohol rehab can help you get sober!

These are all excellent questions and if you’re looking for alcohol rehab, you deserve the answers so that you can make the most educated and informed decision when it comes to getting help. The following guide outlines important information pertaining to alcohol addiction recovery, the cost of alcohol rehab, alcohol rehab treatment modalities, how to recognize effective alcohol rehab and also ways to recognize who needs alcohol rehab.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Recovery is the solution that every addict dreams of, a day when alcohol no longer matters, a day when the sun shines and there is happiness and joy in the heart. Alcohol addiction recovery is the final phase of alcohol addiction treatment and for many, it’s an unforeseeable sight. Fortunately, with the right type of treatment and care, those suffering from addiction to alcohol can, one day, find the path to recovery and even stay on it.

Many factors go into recovery including the length of time an individual has been addicted to alcohol, the level of progression of their addiction and certain genetic matters. With counseling, therapy, detox and aftercare, individuals suffering from alcohol addiction can discover the tools and knowledge they need to fully recover no matter how bad their alcohol addiction once was.

Alcohol Rehab Cost

A major question many people have when it comes to alcohol rehab is, “how much will it cost?” Unfortunately, there is no set price for alcohol rehab as standards of treatment differ, individual situations differ and treatment programs differ. There are some factors that typically will increase the cost of alcohol rehab. They include:

  • Location of the rehab center and type of rehab such as luxury or private rehab
  • Level of monitoring and care provided such as inpatient rehab vs. outpatient rehab
  • Demand for services (if demand is low then price may be lower too)
  • Medications (more medications and medical monitoring = higher cost)

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Modalities

Various types of treatment are provided to those suffering from alcohol addiction. Some of the most common treatment modalities that are used throughout alcohol rehab centers include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Medical Treatment
  • Work Therapy
  • Community Reward Programs
  •  Support Groups

Probably the most common method of treatment for alcohol addiction is the support group method. Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous have helped millions of people who struggle with addiction to find the power and will to succeed in recovery. Support groups come with the added benefit of providing a low cost treatment for those suffering from alcohol addiction.

Effective Alcohol Rehab

Once an individual has found a rehab program that they believe will suit their individual needs it’s important to determine whether that rehabilitation program will be effective. There are many different variables that go into effective alcohol rehab including:

  • The location of the facility and whether it’s nearby friends or family
  • The type of treatment provided
  • The level of monitoring (around-the-clock, random testing, etc)
  • The availability of treatment (studies show that treatment must be made readily available in order to be effective)
  • The length of the treatment program (effective alcohol rehab programs should provide at least 90 days of treatment)

While these are only a few of the many variables that go into determining whether or not a program will be effective, the above list is a good starting point when it comes to analyzing the various alcohol rehab programs that are available in your area. Of course there are also many benefits to finding effective alcohol rehab too. The benefits of receiving effective alcoholism treatment include:

  • Changed behaviors
  • Time to heal and regroup
  • Rebuilt relationships with friends and family members
  • Most important: SOBRIETY

Who Needs Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehab is not a necessity for every person who drinks. Some people can drink when they want to and will never actually suffer from an addiction to alcohol whereby they cannot stop drinking despite the known consequences associated with abusing alcohol. For those who do not suffer from alcohol addiction, there is no need for alcohol rehab, but for everyone else, there is. Alcohol rehab is the ideal choice for anyone who has suffered any one of the following consequences as a result of their drinking and yet still chooses to drink:

  •  DUI
  • Trouble with the law such as disorderly intoxication or public intoxication charges
  • Relationship problems especially with a spouse or loved one
  • Domestic violence while under the influence of alcohol
  • Accidents that lead to injury while intoxicated
  • Work or school related problems associated with alcohol