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Alcohol rehab programs provide a range of treatments for patients suffering from addiction to alcohol. Fighting an alcohol addiction is never a simple task, but with the help provided by counselors, therapists, and other specialists at alcohol rehab programs even those suffering from alcoholism, which is the worst possible addiction to alcohol, can overcome this dangerous and deadly disease. Below is a look at some of the most common alcohol rehab programs that can be found in rehab centers.

Affordable Alcohol Rehab

While it can be challenging to find affordable alcohol rehab, there are programs out there that can help patients overcome addiction to alcohol without costing a fortune. Affordable alcohol rehab programs often come in the form of mutual support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or they are provided by local churches or community shelters. These programs provide low cost services that are aimed at helping those who are financially inept afford the often high cost of effective alcohol rehabilitation.

Best Alcohol Rehab

Finding the best alcohol rehab program for a unique situation can be both difficult and time consuming. Sometimes, it will take entering into more than one program over time to determine which program is most suitable and will therefore be most effective. Because addiction to alcohol affects every person in a different way there is no one-size-fits-all form of treatment that will work for every person. One common factor that can be found in the best alcohol rehab programs is the use of detox, counseling and aftercare to help patients overcome addiction and maintain sobriety.

Christian Alcohol Rehab

For those who are actively involved in a church or religious organization or for those who already have a strong faith in God, Christian alcohol rehab programs provide the ideal rehabilitation solution. These programs provide a faith based approach to treatment whereby the patient is guided by the principles of the Bible and God’s word throughout the treatment program. Many Christian alcohol rehab programs use a twelve step recovery model or take part in Celebrate Recovery which is a relatively new model that promotes relationships with others placing an emphasis on God and His will.

Free Alcohol Rehab

Free alcohol rehab is sometimes the most difficult type of rehab to find but for those who cannot afford to pay for rehab can be a lifesaving opportunity. Free rehab programs are often provided by state supported rehabilitation centers, through mutual support groups or at religious organizations. These programs offer the patient counseling, therapy, and support during the difficult times that come with overcoming addiction to alcohol. Although free alcohol rehab programs may not have all the added “perks” that some of the luxury or higher cost programs have, they are an excellent source for those who truly need the treatment and could not afford it any other way.

Holistic Alcohol Rehab

A relative new approach to alcohol addiction treatment is holistic alcohol rehab. These programs are deeply rooted in the holistic medicinal methods that focus on treating the entire person- mind, body and spirit. Through medical analysis, exercise, nutritional guidance, and emotional support, holistic alcohol rehab programs treat not only the addiction but any other conditions that the patient may suffer from which may or may not have something to do with the addiction itself. Unlike Christian rehab programs which are deeply rooted in faith and Christianity, holistic alcohol rehab programs are inspired by many different religious backgrounds and sources.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab

Long term alcohol rehab programs provide patients with many of the same services and treatments that short term rehabilitation programs offer but more importantly, they provide the patient with time to heal. Not all patients require long term alcohol rehab but for those who are heavily addicted to drinking and who have tried other forms of treatment and failed, long term alcohol rehab may be the best option for recovery. These programs last a period of at least three months but typically last a period of six months or more. Long term alcohol rehab programs can span two years in length providing the patient with counseling, therapy and aftercare services along the way.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab

For those looking for the best in alcohol treatment, luxury alcohol rehab program offer accommodations that are a cut above the rest. These programs often feature full fitness facilities, spa services, championship golf courses, gourmet foods, luxurious suites and other amenities that one would expect to find at a 5 star resort. Luxury alcohol rehab centers provide patients with high-quality care paired with high-quality accommodations that make the entire rehabilitation process a bit “easier” on the patient. Unfortunately, all of the luxurious amenities and offerings come with a significant price tag so for many, luxury alcohol rehab programs are out of reach.

Non 12 Step Alcohol Rehab

Most people think of Alcoholics Anonymous when they are asked about alcohol rehab but there are many programs that do not focus on a twelve step approach to treatment. These programs are called non 12 step programs and they provide a unique approach to the treatment of alcohol addiction that is not always rooted in faith in God or in steps at all. The most common types of non 12 step alcohol rehab programs include Rational Recovery, SMART Recovery and Women for Sobriety but there are also many others.

Private Alcohol Rehab

Private alcohol rehab provides patients with the security and peace of mind knowing that their entrance into a program for the treatment of alcohol addiction is going to be kept 100% private. These programs often cost more than community based alcohol rehabilitation programs but they are often the ideal choice for business professionals, media moguls or anyone who does not want the world to find out that they are seeking help for alcohol addiction. Private alcohol rehab programs offer a discreet alternative to traditional alcohol rehab programs and support groups.