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Free Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem that often requires help to get through the initial stages of living without the substance. Free alcohol rehab programs are available to men and women who are struggling with alcohol addiction and are ready to seek help. Learning about the different types of programs will help determine the best option for personal needs.

Free Alcohol Rehab at Professional Rehab Centers

alcohol abuse rehab

Free rehab is available and can help you recover from alcohol addiction.

Professional rehab centers for alcohol treatment are notorious for the high fees associated with treatment. While the high-end treatment facilities might charge unattainable prices, some professional centers offer a sliding fee or even free alcohol rehab services for those who are unable to pay the high cost.

This is primarily related to income level, but it can help those who need the help of a professional counselor. This type of program varies between rehab centers, so it is not available with every treatment facility.

Free Alcohol Rehab Through State Support Rehabilitation Programs

State supported programs have initiatives in place to help those who are in a financial situation that does not allow paying for the services. The state programs provide money so that individuals who are not able to pay for the services can still obtain help. The program will allow free rehab based on income level and cut-offs determined by the state.

This type of program has a sliding scale. Those who are low-income based on the number of family members are able to get free help. Others will end up paying some money as the income level increases.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Mutual Support Groups

The traditional 12-step program or support group solution is often free of charge due to the nature of the program. Most individuals are choosing to use the support program and everyone in the group is struggling with alcohol on a different level.

This program is free of charge and primarily focuses on going to meetings and talking. Meeting sizes vary based on the particular support system and location.

Faith Based Alcohol Rehab Programs

Religions often have programs available to help the congregation with their problems. The faith based programs are usually run by a preacher, priest, rabbi or other religious leaders who offer counseling, support, advice and religious information about the problem. By giving over to a higher power, some individuals are able to beat alcohol addiction. These are free of charge.

Online Recovery Options

The Internet has opened many doors to finding help and support, which is vital to recovering from alcohol. Those who are not yet comfortable with the idea of going to AA, a church or other rehab programs can get involved in an online chat room or messenger group that provides advice, support and help through the initial phases of giving up alcohol.

Fighting alcohol addiction does not necessarily mean paying a large sum of cash. Free programs are available and beating the problem with alcohol is possible. The goal is finding the right type of rehab program for personal needs and ability to overcome alcohol.