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Private Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholics Anonymous offers participants a valuable chance to share alcoholism experiences in a group setting. Those who attend follow the 12-Step Program, which helps them recognize their addiction, learn what causes it and how to stop the behavior. The format allows for group solidarity and accountability, which are both powerful tools in the healing process. However, some people never seek help through AA because they are either ashamed or afraid someone they know, including a co-worker or neighbor, might see them attending the meetings. They might not be aware of private alcohol rehab, a discreet alternative to the popular program.

Benefits of Private Alcohol Rehab

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Private alcohol addiction treatment is available for people who are more comfortable in that type of setting.

  • Though AA is private, it involves other willing participants.
  • Participants in private alcohol rehab often will stay in a hotel or small rental property while undergoing treatment.
  • Professionals equipped to deal with both the physical and emotional tolls of alcoholism watch over the individual while customizing a treatment plan just for them.
  • Many private alcohol rehab programs encourage more interaction with family, as well as healthy activities such as yoga to clear the mind.

Treatments Provided at Private Alcohol Rehab

As with any rehab program, the individual will undergo a detox phase that may last as long as a week. Professionals will monitor the participant’s physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms in privacy. No one else will have to witness the participant’s vulnerability and this step moves at the pace of the individual, not a group. This perk has made private alcohol rehab a popular choice for public figures, such as celebrities or politicians. The individual will then undergo either one or a combination of more than one types of therapy until they are able to beat the alcohol addiction. The person’s diet also will be constantly monitored and streamlined to help heal the body. In some extreme cases, a drug will be given to help curb the cravings for alcohol. Finally, there is an after-care program in place to help make sure the person won’t relapse into the addiction. Some centers still offer the individual the chance to attend group meetings, in the style of AA, to help gain better clarity, but this is not necessary.

The Role of AA in Private Alcohol Rehab

Some studies have shown that patients have a better chance of beating alcohol addiction if they engage in the 12-Step Program either before or during private alcohol rehab. The two programs, when combined, create a richer experience for the individual. The principles learned in the 12-Step Program are built upon through the cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy or other therapies offered in the private programs. Since private alcohol rehab locations are growing in popularity across the country, an individual can be a little choosy, selecting a location that they consider exceptionally peaceful and conducive to the healing process, or simply a place that is far enough away from home to make them feel at ease.