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Christian Alcohol Rehab

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Alcohol rehab based in Christianity may be right for you!

Imagine trying to access the Internet without a computer or mobile device. You know the World Wide Web is there. You know it would benefit you, but without direct access to the Net your desire to surf it goes unfulfilled.
In the same way, trying to beat an alcohol addiction without supernatural power may leave you unfulfilled. The chances of beating alcohol without direct access to God are slim to nearly impossible.

Christian Alcohol Rehab

Christian Alcohol Rehab provides you the opportunity to beat alcoholism. Various forms exist provided by various churches, pastors and outreach centers. The program may take the form of a traditional 12 Step experience focusing on God as the higher power.

Another popular option that churches have been using in recent years is the Celebrate Recovery model. Celebrate Recovery takes the community aspects of 12 Step to another level, promoting closer relationships with others walking through the recovery process. The emphasis of spirituality and seeking after God is primary.

How Christian Rehab Differs from Traditional Treatment Options

On the surface, differences between traditional treatment options and Christian Alcohol Rehab may seem insignificant. The week to week and month to month activities may be the same and the commitment level similar.

Traditional treatment options are beneficial and provide opportunity for overcoming addiction and producing real change. The distinction with Christian Alcohol Rehab is that God is actually the one who is enabling the change in the addict, rather than the addict trying to change himself. The involvement of God in recovery cannot be overstated.

Of course, to seek God’s help, a living, active relationship must be formed with him. God is not a god who acts like Santa Claus, giving gifts to those who are good. God is a god whose nature is to show his love in meaningful, relevant ways. He desires relationship, friendship and commitment.

Benefits of Christian Alcohol Rehab

The benefits of Christian Alcohol Rehab include demonstrable change, pleasure and everlasting life. God will change the addict who seeks after him with all her heart. He will provide actual power to say ‘no’ to alcohol and yes to a fresh beginning.

The day-to-day pleasure the one struggling with addiction will experience with God will be amazing. The one who walks with God finds joy, meaning in life and the simple pleasures that God has built into our earthly journey.

Enjoying life though is not frozen into flesh and blood existence. No, everlasting life is promised to those who walk with God and for the addict this benefit means that the day will come when there will be no more struggling with alcohol addiction. Christian Alcohol Rehab leads to a complete absolution of addiction, potentially in this life, and definitely in the life to come.

Accessing the power of God through relationship with him and community with his people leads to life change for which the addicted alcoholic will be forever grateful. The first step is coming to God to ask for his help.