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Non 12 Step Alcohol Rehab

When thinking of alcohol rehab the idea that often comes to mind is Alcoholic Anonymous or similar 12 step programs. While the programs are useful to some individuals, it is not always the best way to handle addiction for everyone. Non 12 step alcohol rehab is available to men and women who are not able to recover from a 12 step program. By opting for a non 12 step alcohol rehab program, it might be easier to get the problem under control.

What is Non 12 Step Alcohol Rehab?

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Non 12-step programs can help you overcome alcohol addiction, too!

A non 12 step alcohol rehab program is a method of dealing with alcohol recovery without giving over to a higher power or following 12 steps to reach the goal. Instead of following the 12 steps, individuals are able to find the best course for their particular needs.

A 12 step program does not work for everyone because it requires giving over to a higher power. Those who do not believe in a higher power or who cannot recover when faced with the loss of personal control will not do well with this type of program.

A non 12 step alcohol rehab program is designed around those who are not willing to undergo the requirements of the 12 step programs. It does not require the loss of control and it is better for some individuals.

Types of Alcohol Rehab that are not Based on the 12 Steps

Alcohol rehab that is not based on 12 steps follows a different approach to sobriety. Depending on the program, the method will differ. The programs are designed to incorporate personal self-control along with education that helps avoid the problem later.

Rational Recovery is a non 12 step program that focuses on teaching self-recovery from alcohol addiction. It provides guidance and counseling to help individuals work on their own self-control for a permanent solution. It does not focus on anything other than learning self-control and the guidance needed to reach self-recovery.

SMART recovery is another non 12 step program that focuses on only four points and works on self-empowerment and support to reach freedom from addiction.

Women for Sobriety, Inc. is another program that works specifically with the needs of women. Since it is for women, the focus is on self-recovery by learning personal self-worth and self-value. The needs of women are often related to emotions that undermine self-confidence. The goal of the program is reigniting the confidence to move past addiction.

Benefits of Non 12 Step Alcohol Rehab

The benefits of the program are obvious. It works on improving self-confidence and worth so that moving beyond addiction is possible. The program is appropriate for those who are not able to overcome addiction by giving up self-control and it focuses on education rather than faith.

A non 12 step alcohol rehab program is a useful tool when it comes to recovery. Instead of putting the responsibility into the hands of a higher power, the programs focus on self-control and regaining emotional balance to beat addiction.