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Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Luxury alcohol rehab curtails alcohol abuse to a sufficient degree–sometimes even beyond that point because it not only features all the pleasant things that you need to seek professional help but it will embolden you to accept the professional help you receive and let it guide you to a brighter, sober future.

Cost of Luxury Alcohol Rehab

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Luxury rehab centers provide extra amenities and cost more than traditional rehab.

The fact that a luxury rehab center is more expensive than a traditional rehab center does not minimize the fact that it stands as your best chance at recovering from the damage that alcoholism has caused to your mind, spirit and body. If anything, it means, or points out, the key difference between both rehab options:

  •   A traditional rehab center lacks the key amenities and options that will allow you to embrace all the freedom and peace of mind you need to enter a rehab center and stay committed to that decision.

Simply put, all luxury rehab centers are pretty pricey, and as they become more popular among everyone, their price tag will steadily increase. In some cases, the monthly or weekly bill can be as much as 10 thousand dollars. Thankfully, the high price tag is justified through two means:

  • The miscellany of amenities available throughout rehab.
  •  The friendly staff who is down to earth and beyond competent to change your destructive thought pattern and help you conquer the alcohol addiction you struggle with, no matter how strong of a hold it has on your life.

Benefits of Luxury Alcohol Rehab

As far as methods are concerned, a luxury rehab center uses the same five-step method a traditional rehab center uses:

  • Introduction
  • Evaluation
  • Testing
  • Group and one-on-one sessions
  • Detox

However, a luxury rehab center will allow you to carry out the three-step method in a more serene, comely environment that has a resort-like setting, and because of this, you can focus on one thing that matters the most: gaining 100 percent control over your addiction and getting better.

In addition to experiencing high-quality care and a high level of trust, comfort and professionalism, you can enjoy the following pleasant things, which are nowhere near all there is to enjoy:

  •  A well-appointed gym
  • In-house massage therapist
  • Gourmet food
  • Large and luxurious suites
  • Swimming pools
  • Championship golf courses

Luxury Alcohol Rehab Programs

Each luxury rehab center has a number of unique programs that serve one purpose, and that one purpose is to keep you on the sober path you learned while being rehabilitated:

  •  12-step program
  • Family program
  • Life-skills program
  • Nutrition and exercise program
  • Relapse-prevention program
  • Medication-management program
  • Faith-based program

Treatment Provided at Luxury Alcohol Rehab Centers

When enrolling in a luxury rehab center, you will undergo a variety of cutting-edge treatments:

  • Residential treatment
  • Dual-diagnose treatment
  • Aftercare treatment
  • Non 12-step treatment

There are a lot more treatment plans available, and they all are excellent choices. Although enrolling in a luxury rehab center as opposed to a traditional rehab center is more rewarding, this decision will only pay off if you do your part–stay focus and in tune with the methods you learn.