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Alcohol Rehab Cost

Struggling to control alcohol addiction often results in turning toward alcohol rehab. The problem is that the cost of alcohol rehab is variable and determining the pricing is not always simple. While the alcohol rehab cost depends on a wide range of factors, having a few ideas in mind regarding what goes into the price scheme will make it easier to organize an appropriate budget.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab cost is determined by a wide range of potential factors. Learning about the most common factors involved in the cost of alcohol rehab will make it easier to find a facility and program that is within a personal budget.

alcohol addiction treatment cost

You can find an alcohol rehab that works with your financial situation.

  • The organization running the alcohol rehab program is a key part of determining the cost. The alcohol rehab cost is much lower in a state-run facility than a privately owned and operated rehab center. When budgeting is a factor or the individual is part of a low-income family, a state-run operation is a potentially low cost option. The facility will often offer a sliding-scale for treatment costs based on income. Privately operated facilities will usually cost much more because it is not receiving funds for operating costs from the government.
  • The location also plays a role in the cost of alcohol treatment. Areas that have a high demand for treatment facilities or a high population will usually cost more than rural areas that have a low demand. Location is a key part of the cost because some areas are naturally more expensive than others.
  • The demand for services is another part of the price. Areas with low demand will end up with a lower cost to bring in potential patients.
  • The type of treatment also plays a role in the expense. A wide range of treatment options are available for alcohol addiction, but the prices differ based on the treatment solutions.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Cost

Inpatient facilities often have a higher cost than outpatient options due to the added cost of caring for patients. Not only does the facility require staff at all hours of the day and night, it must also provide shelter and food for the patients. This added cost of constant care will increase the price.

While the price is higher, inpatient facilities also offer more counseling sessions, better treatment options and more methods of fighting the temptation to drink alcohol later. It removes the individual from the immediate temptation and forces sobriety for the duration of treatment.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Cost

The Outpatient costs are much lower than inpatient because it has fewer necessary expenses like food and late-night staff. This type of treatment has the individual stay out of a facility and come in for counseling, group meetings and similar treatment options.

The cost of alcohol rehab is widely variable. Many factors contribute to the treatment cost, including the type of treatment patients receive. Costs can range from free or low priced based on income to several thousand dollars per week depending on the facility.